Blaugust | Board Games

Twilight Struggle: tear down that wall!

Last week I played Twilight Struggle for the first time with a friend of mine. It’s a board game about the Cold War first released in 2005. I had previously bought the digital version on Steam, and had played a few games against the AI, but there’s something about starting down your opponent over some […]

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Blaugust | Blogging

When motivation dips

It’s funny how things sometimes work out. Yesterday I was hitting my third day without a post, after I’d held myself to post once every two days throughout Blaugust. I wondered what I would write about next, and I half-considered just slinking back into the shadows. So it was with some surprise that, when reading […]

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EverQuest | Project1999

Project1999: The View from 2019

Project1999 was launched in 2009 and has now lived through ten years of operation. I wanted to pen some thoughts on the current state of play of the project, a decade down the track from its inception and a full twenty years after the game it is emulating – EverQuest – was launched.

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