EverQuest | Project1999

Project1999: The View from 2019

Project1999 was launched in 2009 and has now lived through ten years of operation. I wanted to pen some thoughts on the current state of play of the project, a decade down the track from its inception and a full twenty years after the game it is emulating – EverQuest – was launched.

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The Museum of Bad Behaviour

Don’t adjust your set. The image above isn’t a broken link, but a very relevant part of this post. Stay with me. Think back to something bad or embarassing that you did. Maybe you acted poorly with friends, maybe you did something silly that hurt someone, maybe you just feel like you looked foolish. Now […]

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Return. Rebrand. Renew.

Today marks the first day of Blaugust, a month-long festival of blogging devised by Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut, as well as the first day of my return to writing on this blog. To say I was inspired by this event, to come out from my RSS cloak of invisibility and write beyond the […]

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