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The tale of Blaugust and the unplanned break

July 31, 2019

I haven’t played a game in two whole days.

This isn’t entirely uncommon for me. With work, social engagements, the occasional social sporting outing, sometimes I just come home, fall on the couch and I simply cannot ‘do’ gaming.

There’s nothing wrong with this of course but it makes maintaining a gaming blog somewhat problemtic. But fear not, I have plenty of content in the backlog. I just don’t want to use it all up now before August has even begun!

Perhaps I’ll give you a bit of a previous of what’s to come, to whet the appetite so to speak.

Later this week, to mark the start of Blaugust proper, I will delve deep into my past and share an embarassing early internet story. You won’t want to miss that.

Classic EverQuest's loading page

On the weekend I plan to give you an update on the ‘State of the Game’ of Project1999, my current go-to classic EverQuest server. This also includes some interviews with some brand new players on how they’re finding the ‘new player experience’. This will be a two-parter, with the second half talking about mid-game and end-game.

Early next week I’ll bring you my thoughts on death in MMOs. I’ll discuss the ‘consequence model’ vs the ‘inconvenience model’ of death in this genre of games. I personally think the way death and loss is dealt with in MMOs is symbolic of the shift towards convenience more broadly, and I delve into that concept in some detail.

There will be other ad hoc posts throughout the next week, and much more to come through the weeks of Blaugust, so stick around.

In the meantime, you can check out yesterday’s post, where I talk about why I can never truly leave classic EverQuest.

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